Friends reunitd dating

‘We went to an italian restaurant in Petaluma for our first date. We had such an amazing time and talked over dinner for two hours. It was love at first sight.’ Back at Brian’s house on the first date, Cathleen stumbled upon yet another thing they had in common: a ginger and white cat.We then went to a pub and then his house as we didn’t want the date to ever end! They’d been sitting outside listening to music when Brian’s cat, Butter, ran past. The next day Brian went to Cathleen’s house to see the cat that looked just like his. The couple looked into their cat adoption stories and discovered the truth: Brian had adopted Butter, Ozzy’s brother.It turned out to be difficult selling the site to a new generation of users, who weren’t growing up knowing what it meant to lose track of friends.

But fate intervened in October at an Italian restaurant in Boynton Beach.

The first social network to impact on popular consciousness (in the UK, at least) was conceived around a kitchen table in Barnet 15 years ago.

Friends Reunited was hugely popular, and profitable – enough to convince ITV to buy it for £120m in 2005.

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