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Not sure if he has changed anything but each selection on the menu is also given the date. The restaurant is located in the Mandarin Oriental. You enter through the glass wine cellar that is connected to the bar. I would have liked to have gone with a few more people so we could have tried more dishes. It is a chicken liver parfait served with grilled bread. This recipe came from the Cook's and Confectioner's Dictionary by John Nott. Chicken oysters are the small round pieces of meat that are at the end of a chicken thigh. A perfectly cooked pan fried pork shop with spelt, ham hock & Robert sauce. The dishes, not surprising since they are from other centuries, are heavy in flavor. 1726 from James II when he lived in Westminster Abbey. The shortbread stick was really dense and I loved the savory and sweet combo. Blumenthal has taken recipes dating back from the 13th century to the 1800's from collected cookbooks and created a menu for 2012. You begin with brown and white breads and salted butter. At first glance you think it is a mandarin orange but it is not. I had the special although when I return I might go with a fish. Just to send us off happy they brought us each a small chocolate ganache infused with earl grey tea and a caraway seed shortbread stick on the side. A beautiful bright modern elegant room that overlooks Hyde Park. Just spectacular and visually you can't beat it. Some consider it to be the best part of the chicken. A huge short rib that had been scored and put in a charcoal controlled oven.

Marguerite Patten demonstrated them at Harrods in a bid to boost their popularity but it was tough to get beyond their links to post-war austerity Britain.

I’d never used a pressure cooker but then again, I’d never been hang gliding or cliff diving and isn’t a pressure cooker the culinary equivalent of an extreme sport?

It’s got the danger and it’s got the risk and as far as I could see little real value.

A piece of pineapple on the side that is cooked in a spit fire. The bread is like the best cinnamon roll in the world without the cinnamon. A salted butter caramel cream on the bottom and little pieces of crispy bread and pears surrounding that with a scoop of brown bread ice cream. We walked home, got up the next morning and grabbed a flight back to NYC.

Small pieces of sweet bread baked in a cassoulet with loads of sweet butter. A New System of Domestic Cookery by Maria Eliza RUndell.