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Decimus Burton has had an important influence on the village, designing at least two houses of great significance.The Hollands is one (which has already been mentioned) and Holmewood House, now a well known independent girls and boys school.Langton Green has a long history dating back to the 1300s where, just like its neighbour Tunbridge Wells, royalty used to come to stay and to live.The first Princess of Wales – Joanna, the Fair Maid of Kent and mother of King Richard II, lived at The Hollands in the village from 1353.

These ecosystems are maintained to simulate different climatic conditions that are found in different parts of the world. Richard: Hetty, what’s the idea behind the Eden Project? It's a garden and it's here to show people sort of where everyday products they might find in the supermarket come from, so they can see where bananas come from, where chocolate comes from. So do you fancy coming along and pollinating some plants? In the second half of the 19th Century, Princess Louise, the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria, lived at Dornden in Langton Green for ten years with her husband, the Marquis of Lorne. Prince Andrew of Yugoslavia lived here (also at The Hollands) in the 1950s and the village was also the home of Prince and Princess Weikersheim in the same period.So perhaps a claim should be made for our village to be called ‘Royal Langton Green’?However this feels right because I always wanted to work on something that would help other people get a better life.It’s kind of a personal philosophy, I believe in giving back. There are many kinds of philanthropy and a lot of philanthropists who has focused their humanitarian work in Africa and elsewhere have concentrated on solving food, water, shelter, education and healthcare initiatives. When I first came to Benin, I was working in an NGO focused on education and microcredit.